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Lady Sings the Blues - A Ukraine Mix

Oh my goodness this has been a work in progress for forever. BASICALLY. I love Ukraine. So I decided to make a mix for her! Because she needs more love in this fandom srsly.

And somewhat of a warning uh. It might be a little different from the accepted fanon...? (Her relationship to Russia, as well, might differ from fanon). I don't see the USSR as being... a happy family. So therefore this is not exactly a HAPPY mix when covering that part of her life. Not that it covers her whole life, I kind of skipped Kievan Rus' BUT ANYWAY WHATEVER HAVE THE MIX NOW.

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Jul. 31st, 2009

Title: (title-less for now)
Word Count: 444
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Latvia has a present for Liechtenstein.
A/N: THIS IS FOR MY BROTHA barrelrolls.

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The Ancients are my favorite part of Hetalia, not gonna lie. Stems from my love of the classics, which is my favorite part of historyyyyyy. SO I MADE A FANMIX FOR ROME BECAUSE I LOVE HIM HARDCORE. And by Rome and I mean Rome + mostly the Mamas because they are my favorite forever.

Notes: Aegyptus is Old Egypt and Graecia is Old Greece. They're, respectively, the Latin words for the countries.

Also this is based off much speculation, mostly between mccarthyism and I, plus years of reading on antiquity because I am a nerd. :>

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We Were Sparkling - A Peony/Nephry FST

I made this in like.  Two weeks?  Quickest about of time I've ever taken to finish a fanmix ever.  It started when I heard the song "Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?" by the Offspring on the radio one day.  Peony & Nephry need to have a happy ending okay. Their story is so sad ;_____;

These songs are in no particular order, and most of the lyrics are fairly self-explanatory.
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My Favorite Book--A Lloyd/Colette FST

Drabbles for/prompted by tikki_hikki that have been sitting around on my laptop for a while.

Prompt: Pumps; Sheena/Zelos
Word Count: 334
Rating: T because Lloyd has a dirty mind B|


Prompt: Screams; Luke/Tear, slight Guy/Tear
Word Count: 305
Rating: PG

Because fanmixes are fun, and Sheena/Zelos has become my newest addiction (again).  They like to eat my attention and brain /o/


Title: Eight Days of Luke (Plus Fifty-Two)
Author: Tomato
Rating: PG (for now)
Prompt/Chapter: 03 Baby // Luke, Tear, and Natalia find themselves with an extra companion or two.
Word Count: 456
Summary: Sixty Days in the life of Luke fon Fabre. [post-game drabble series]
A/N: Props to tikki_hikki for beta-ing, as usual.  Possible edits in the future. 

Eight Days of Luke (Plus Fifty-Two) // Two

Title: Eight Days of Luke (Plus Fifty-Two)
Author: Tomato
Rating: PG (for now)
Prompt/Chapter: 02 Trance // Luke and Natalia arrive in Yulia City
Word Count: 253
Summary: Sixty Days in the life of Luke fon Fabre. [post-game]
A/N: Thanks again to tikki_hikki  for her beta and musing, although this may be further edited after initial posting. D:



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